“Piotr is a person thats gonna share with you passion towards movement, what consistency means and of course a proper technique.

Thanks to our cooperation I finally overcome injuries that were happening constantly to me, thanks to this change I could reach my full competition potential.

Except mobility work we were focus on breathing techniques, locomotions and movement riddles which were a new thing for me. All those thing helped me to evolve as a judo player. If you want to develop your discipline, Piotr is the

Sebastian Marcinkiewicz
8. times Polish Judo Champion

“Miałem przyjemność pracować z Piotrem podczas rehabilitacji po mojej kontuzji odcinka lędźwiowego.

Byłem bardzo pozytywnie zaskoczony kompleksowym i nieszablonowym podejściem. Piotr doskonale mnie „przeskanował” i odnalazł słabe punkty.

Dopasował odpowiednie ćwiczenia, które nie tylko pomogły mi wyjść z kontuzji, ale rownież służył radą i pomocą nawet po naszej bezpośredniej współpracy treningowej.

Cały proces powrotu do zdrowia był dla mnie bardzo komfortowy zwłaszcza w tej ciężkiej sytuacji w jakiej się znalazłem. Polecam!”

Matuesz D. (27, Dancer & DJ)

“If you cannot squat like a human you cannot expect to do advance movements” – I will never forget this phrase in my first session with Piotr.

He made a personalized program to improve my ankles, shoulders, spine strength and flexibility as well as coordination exercises which worked wonders.

On year later my squat and bridge is envy by my friends and my improved coordination made me way more confident in the dance floor.

Definitely will recommend Piotr as personal trainer to anyone who wants move like a fully functioning human.”

Max Espinoza 35 (Software Engineer
& Yoga practitioner)

4 months difference



“Piotr was recommended to me by a trainer at David Lloyd. I had been diagnosed with arthritis in my left shoulder, living in pain for almost a year and contemplating surgery before I started working with Piotr.

When I first visited him I could barely lift a 1kg weight or raise my arm above my shoulder.
I still have the arthritis but after ten sessions and a targeted ‘homework’ regime my range of motion is 90% back to normal and my pain reduced to only specific movements.

If you need someone to help get you moving again I can’t recommend Piotr enough.”

Nick 38, Amsterdam

2 months difference



3 months difference



4 weeks difference